Cyber Managed Security Services at SpearTip findings from cisco security capabilities benchmark study

Cyber Managed Security Services at SpearTip

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In its report to Congress, the U.S. Government’s Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive ("ONCIX”) outlined the emerging threats to American businesses from industrial and economic espionage carried out by foreign governments and domestic competitors. The ONCIX report ...
The Business Email Compromise Spoofing the CEO bankxchange

The Business Email Compromise: Spoofing the CEO

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The Business Email Compromise is a sophisticated scam targeting businesses working with foreign suppliers and/or businesses that regularly perform wire transfer payments. The fraudulent wire transfer payments sent to foreign banks may be transferred several times but are quickly dispersed. ...

Examining the Cyber-Kill Chain

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The term "Cyber-Kill Chain” has been used in various corners of the cyber security world to describe the different stages of a compromise. The Cyber-Kill Chain is an all-encompassing descriptive model which outlines seven steps typically taken by attackers during the course of a breach.  ...

The Insider Threat

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The Insider threat, or malicious insider has supplanted external hackers as the primary focus for many organizational network security teams. The focus shift is likely due to a number of high profile insider threat breaches, and the apparent complacency that was highlighted throughout ...

Fusion Cell Analysis

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Fusion cell analysis is a time-tested, effective method to collect, analyze, and collaborate information from numerous sources to develop a thorough and complete threat picture. Fusion cell analysis is designed to test theories against numerous sources of information, to produce a ...

Economic Espionage and Counterintelligence

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Economic espionage is the targeting or acquisition of trade secrets to knowingly benefit any foreign government, competitor, or individual. Economic espionage is an illegal yet efficient mechanism for saving time and money to obtain a strategic advantage over counterparts and competitors ...

Advanced Malware Analysis

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The necessity for advanced malware analysis has never been greater, as malware is developed much like the software applications used today. Sophisticated teams have the development cycles to create malware packages that seek to persist and perform malicious tasks as instructed by ...

Cyber Hunt Team Operations and Counterintelligence

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Q: What is a Cyber Hunt Team? A: A Cyber Hunt Team blends traditional counterintelligence techniques with new age, proprietary technical collection mediums to identify and exploit the adversary.   The term "cyber counterintelligence” is often misused by cyber security organizations ...